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Aura Cleanse

Please read description for full details

  • 30 min
  • 40 British pounds
  • Elton Road


Toni Hunt will be your practitioner for this session and she has been a teacher & practitioner for over 20+ years! What is an Aura Cleanse? Smudging is an ancient native American ritual used to powerfully change to auric energies we carry. We all carry emotional baggage, negativity and other attachments everyday! Powerful method used to uplift the mind, body and spirit. Will lift you for days to come after the session. Some will visit for an aura smudge once every 6-8 weeks depending on what auric energies are being carried. Benefits *Remove negative/unwanted energies attached *Calming *Reduce Stress *Reduce Anxiety Levels *Great for spiritual development It can assist to significantly improve specific mental or physical health conditions and overall wellbeing. What happens during your Aura Cleanse session? You shall arrive within plenty of time, suggested 10 minuets prior to your appointment giving yourself time to be relaxed ahead of the session. You shall be asked to turn off any distraction devices such as mobile phones prior to the session beginning. You shall be invited to the therapy room where you shall remove only shoes & outdoor coats for comfort, before being asked to lay on the therapy bed. Once upon the therapy bed Toni shall place a blanket over you before beginning. We use background sounds to help with meditative states for the session. Toni will light a smudge stick and pass it over your body whilst in a meditative state. Once your session is complete, you will be offered a drink of water. We advise all our clients to have a snack and hydrate post session. *Note: If you suffer from restrictive breathing such as asthma please consult prior to booking If you would like to know if Aura Cleanse is the treatment for you, please contact us prior to booking! (Visit our Contact Us page or email *Booking requires full payment in advance; cancellations will result in loss of payment. Alternatively we can re-schedule your booking if we receive 48 hours notice. *Please note you are not permitted to bring another person with you to the appointment unless agreed by Spellbound (Gloucester) Ltd. *We do not allow any person under the age of 16 into the store or to attend appointments! *No refunds on any appointments booked only reschedules or e-voucher permitted. [not available on Saturdays]


Please see our terms & conditions for full details. It is important you read this information prior to booking. We only permit appointment re-schedules with 48 hours notice, at the discretion of Spellbound (Gloucester) Ltd.


  • Spellbound Gloucester, Elton Road, Littledean, Newnham, UK


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